Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures is the ninth and most recent Coheed and Cambria album

Set sometime after the ending of "No World for Tomorrow", Heaven's Fence has been destroyed in an event called "The Great Crash" and the story of The Crowing is finished, now begins the story of a new savior "Vaxis", his birth, and eventual rise to becoming the "Father of a New Universe". Act 1 follows his parents, Nostrand and Nia (Creature and Sister Spider) as they fight to escape a prison known through the galaxy as "The Dark Sentencer"


  1. "Prologue"
  2. "The Dark Sentencer "
  3. "Unheavenly Creatures  
  4. "Toys" 
  5. "Black Sunday"
  6. "Queen of the Dark"
  7. "True Ugly"
  8. "Love Protocol"
  9. "The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)"
  10. "Night-Time Walkers" 
  11. "The Gutter"
  12. "All on Fire" 
  13. "It Walks Among Us" 
  14. "Old Flames" 
  15. "Lucky Stars"