The Narrows are an uncatalogued race of humanoids on Heaven's Fence, native to Shylos-Ten. While originally human, the Narrows significantly altered their bodies with mutations and cybernetics to the point where very few recognized them as human. They are cannibalistic and incapable of any speech recognizable on Heaven's Fence. While they mostly roamed in packs far from any settlements, they would occasionally move in and ravage entire cities, as was observed when they attacked and razed Godder Damm.

History Edit

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Edit

The Narrows first appeared after Wilhelm Ryan's resurrection. While initially believed to be instruments of Ryan's vengeance, it was revealed by Ryan himself that their appearance was a mere coincidence. Regardless of why they appeared, they attacked Godder Damm, overwhelming the surface and killing people in vast numbers. Al the Killer was the only identified survivor of the surface attack. Upon moving underground, the Narrows attempted to kill the Prise Ambellina and Al, but were then beset upon by the IRO-bot Sizer and Claudio Kilgannon. Sizer easily slaughtered them.

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