The Fiction refers to the fictional universe in the Amory Wars. It is the opposite of the Real, the world in which the Writer, creator of the Fiction, exists and lives. It is the universe in which Heaven's Fence and all that takes place in it exist.

History Edit

Main Article: Heaven's Fence
Heaven's Fence is the central point of interest in the Fiction, being the location where most of the Amory Wars takes place. 78 planets held in place by the Keywork generated by the Stars of Sirius, it is described as God's Perfect Creation, and is inhabited by the Mages, the Prise, and Humanity, plus a handful of other undocumented races including the Stars and the IRO-bots.

With the exception of the existence of Heaven's Fence, it can be safely assumed the Fiction has the same history of the real universe, and that everything else is more or less the same.

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