In The Flame of Error
01 - Black Rainbow (YOBR)
Appears On Year of the Black Rainbow
Track 10
Length 5:27
Written By Coheed and Cambria
Produced By Atticus Ross
Joe Barresi
Preceded By Pearl of the Stars
Followed By When Skeletons Live

In The Flame of Error is the tenth song on the 2010 album Year of the Black Rainbow.


I hate everything I am becoming,
This change is torture,
There is never enough to give, only plenty to take,
And this I wage.

When the ground parts from below,
Will it feel so?
How can I gain from another when the other goes?
This hand, this hurt, my heart,
I'll flirt with disaster,
Just know now man, the deal is off.

I'll be no good this time defines,
I'll put this touch around the grip of this knife,
These dirty hands just won't come clean.

I'm a murderer, the worst these worlds will see.

Please wait for just a little bit longer,
She's all, my world,
My love, I apologize,
With that, you will see the end of days just rest assured,
'Cause they won't let her go and I remain so,
Alone, to work out a clever way to get her home,
I will do what I must,
I'll flirt with disaster,
Just know now, boy you're out of luck.

Oh, save me from defeat again,
This is war,
Murder the one so close,
While she trusts, you curse,
Die, my darling!

If only you know how lovely you glow in the flame of error,
Oh, I ask too much, please turn back the clock and take me instead.

How have you come to lose?
The only thing, the other 1 to your 2,
I've become the wrong in everyone's sleep,
Please burn me a God.

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