Grave Minetoter was one of the few Mages to successfully escape destruction at the hands of Wilhelm Ryan.

History Edit

Grave Minetoter was the Governor of Sector 9 during the Mage Wars. When the sector fell to the Red Army, Grave did not stay to be captured or killed by his onetime friend. He fled, making his way to the edge of the Fence and seeking refuge on a barren world. There he began the process of restoring the Mages, using unknown means to create new ones. However, eventually the Red Army found and assaulted the refuge, and murdered the Mages. Minetoter did not survive the encounter with Ryan being implied to have personally carried out his execution.

This incident is later recounted by Inferno at Ryan's trial. When confronted with it, Inferno describes Grave Minetoter as one of the greatest of all mages for his courage and cunning against Ryan, to which Ryan replies that he couldn't have been that great or his murder would have come up sooner.

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