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Appears On The Color Before the Sun
Track 5
Length 2:45
Written By Coheed And Cambria
Produced By Jay Joyce
Preceded By "Here to Mars"
Followed By Atlas

Ghost is the fifth song from Coheed and Cambria's 2015 album The Color Before the Sun.

Like the rest of the tracks on this album, this song exists outside of The Amory Wars canon. According to singer Claudio Sanchez, Ghost tells of the uncertainty he faced upon learning he would soon become a father. Sanchez explains, "It was all so new to me, and I wondered whether it was going to be an original experience, or if I was going to echo the ghost of my parents and their upbringing. I’m sure it’ll be a little bit of both, but that’s why I approached the song in such a stripped down manner. It’s me contemplating my future as a father."

Lyrics Edit

I fuss and fight my curiosity with welcome arms
And frightened fingers twitched anxiety
Here it comes
A clean slate, picture perfect, no mistakes
How am I to keep from blemishing this masterpiece?
How am I to know?
How am I to know?

As a boy I watched the world through broken eyes
Given to me to me by a man, his wife and all they had disguised
Uncertainty now keeps me asking how I’ll lead the most
As they became or will I teach the examples of their ghosts

Free me from this body
I just wanna, wanna be on the outside
Looking in… on you
Free me from this body
I just wanna, wanna be on the outside
Looking in on you