The former governor of Sector 8, Chu Valentar was one of the 12 Mages elected to oversee Heaven's Fence, and ensure they keywork's stability.

Year of the Black RainbowEdit

During chapter 3, Guns of Summer (and the song of the same name), the Mage Wilhelm Ryan begins the Mage Wars by killing the Governor of Sector 10. After a couple more successful campaigns, the Mages of Sectors 11, 9, and 8,Valentar's sector, break away from the council and forge their own alliance, known as the Western Third. Sectors 8, 9, and 11 attack Wilhelm Ryan in an attempt to overthrow the powerful Mage of Sector 6.

Though their mission ultimately fails, the War of the Western Third, as the battle comes to be known, proved that Wilhelm Ryan was still mortal and could be harmed. After the battle had been lost, Beirut Akara (Sector 11) and Chu Valentar were captured and tortured by Wilhelm Ryan, who corrupted their essences, turning them into Onstantine Priests.

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